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Energy Audit

Energy Audit

The first step to saving is an energy audit prepared by specialists.

What is an energy audit?
On-site Measurements

On-site Measurements

Non-standard installations require non-standard solutions. When should measurements be taken?

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Insulation Installation

Insulation Installation

Cost optimization requires professional thermal insulation installation.

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Genergo Insulation Products

Refined details of thermal insulation guarantee its effectiveness. That's why our intergenerational team of engineers continuously works on improving Genergo products.

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    Thermally Conductive Covers


  • thermo-gen-cold
    Cold Insulation Covers


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    Hygienic Covers


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    For Explosion Hazard Zones


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    Covers for Special Applications


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    Covers for Standard Fittings


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    Pipe Insulation Jackets


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Effectiveness Visible to the Naked Eye

According to research by the Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Program U.S. DOE, each uninsulated valve results in energy losses equivalent to at least 1 meter of uninsulated pipe of the same diameter.

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  • unilever references

    Genergo has been providing energy-saving solutions to Unilever Bydgoszcz since 2017. The manufacturer of Genergo thermal insulation covers delivers orders comprehensively and reliably, and therefore, we recommend working with Genergo. The insulation for fittings and pipelines has been designed specifically for our production space and meets our expectations.

    Marcin Okonek, Unilever

    Team Leader Mechanic

  • BAKOMA Sp. z o.o. is pleased to recognize the efficient and reliable cooperation with GENERGO. It's a solid company - working with punctuality, professionalism, offering a comprehensive range of services and products (measurements, installations, and professional optimization solutions). We highly appreciate the approach of GENERGO representatives in caring for customer satisfaction and maintaining the highest standards.

    Edmund Szwarc, BAKOMA

    Head of Maintenance Team

    bakoma references
  • Polski Cukier references

    Genergo delivered thermal insulation covers for anti-freezing applications in 2013. The solution proved itself in harsh thermal conditions. We recommend working with Genergo because their professional service and delivered products met our expectations.

    Lech Sobecki, Polski Cukier

    Director of Cukrownia Kruszwica Branch

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